Meet Gravity Voyager


Meet Gravity Voyager.

Driving your spaceship travel through space, avoid being pulled into stars and black holes by its gravity!


  • Simple, straightforward but challenging gameplay. Drive spaceship, avoid being dragged into stars or lost in space, reach the portal at the end of the level, that is it.
  • No confusing menus, tooooooo many options and any other things that make you feel frustrated.
  • 30 different levels. Travel through various forms of stars, black holes, galaxies, binary stars and other cool things. Of course, each level has unique look & feel.
  • Stunning & unique art style. Tired of low-poly, minimalistic or pixel art games? These games are great indeed too, but why not try something different this time?
  • In-game encyclopaedia. Learn more about astronomy and the game itself!
  • No any hidden In-App Purchases. Just buy once and play.